Can. Not. Resist! The NomNom Light by Odin Visser makes us hungry for more! The simplicity of two straight lines and a sphere creates the playful illusion of two chopsticks holding something delicious.

Is it a ball of rice? A marshmallow? A dumpling? Whatever it is, NomNom’s unobtrusive design puts a smile on your face and a tingle in your belly! But the inspiration for this elegant suspension light did not start out with the need for a snack. It results from wanting to create something that catches the eye, without unnecessary detailing. Two aluminium sticks and a glass sphere is all that was needed to create a minimalistic but playful silhouette that leaves a sweet impression.

NomNom Light by Odin Visser 2022

Playful minimalism

The NomNom Light is the perfect example of the art of omission. The frosted glass between the ‘chopsticks’ is illuminated evenly, spreading the light in all directions. Upon looking closer, you can see that the sides of the glass sphere are gently squeezed, completing the impression of chopsticks holding something yummy. A lighting object that is about playful minimalism combined with elegance and humour. The NomNom Light is simply irresistible, making us hungry for more!

Flavours that are better together

As a stand-alone, NomNom’s playful elegance is irresistible. This makes the playful suspension light perfect above small tables and in corners. When multiplied, NomNom is ideal for bigger spaces or above dining tables. NomNom comes in six delicious colours, Nori, Wasabi, Ginger, Blossom, Indigo, or Ruby, so there is always a new flavour to try out.

The simplicity of two straight lines and a sphere creates an elegant silhouette without unnecessary detailing.

About Odin Visser

Odin Visser is an expert in product development, lighting, and industrial design. He graduated from the renowned Delft University of Technology in 2007 and has worked as a designer ever since. Odin has a unique approach to designing. He always approaches his designs analytically—with research and analysis as the fixed ingredients of his creative process.

The NomNom Light by Odin Visser is a contemporary lighting design that puts a smile on your face and a tingle in your belly.