Step into the Green House, a realm of quiet and romantic sophistication—a tapestry of refined and elegant flora and fauna. Here, Coccinella Bella, Woodblock Beetle, Silk Bombis, Lacy Longlegs, and Techno Bee find sanctuary amidst their chosen greenery. Together, they created a wondrous and tactile world which is captured in the Green House Wallcovering Collection. 

techno bee wallcovering

The Wallcovering is a 3D textile with its distinctive Moiré effect. The wallcovering comes in two versions; soft gauze textile stretched over a textured relief; and a signature stitched version with embroidered motif on a cotton/linen blend fabric

silk bombis wallcovering

The Wallcovering features abstract floral patterns reminiscent of watercolour-style petals. The design displays the tactile quality of raw silk, presenting a colourful fil-à-fil composition in soft neutral and pastel hues.

woodblock beetle wallcovering

The Wallcovering comes in two motifs, ‘Fern’ and ‘Floral’. Both showcasing the beauty of handmade wood veneer inlay. The wallcoverings are mono coloured with thoughtfully arranged motifs, creating a subtle mix of shades reminiscent of the classic art of marquetry.

lacy longlegs wallcovering

The Wallcovering is a tactile wallcovering that creates a soft, three-dimensional effect courtesy of the boucle fabric. The design takes inspiration from the spider’s intricate weaves, preferred leaves and Gothic arches.

coccinella bella wallcovering

The Wallcovering is inspired by the wide range of flowers and leaves that Coccinella Bella calls home, the motif features a Jacobean-like floral pattern. The motif comes in two variants: a detailed multi-colour variant and a two-toned variant boasting a woven jacquard print.

greenhouse gathering wallcovering

The Wallcovering is a stunning 3D effect motif that draws inspiration from decorative moulding. The design imitates the sensation of peering through the glass panels of a greenhouse, uncovering the mesmerising marvels of lush flowers and hidden creatures moving through a lush landscape.