This month, Moooi celebrates The Prop Light: a design by Dutch designer Bertjan Pot. At first sight, you’ll immediately notice that the Prop Light brightens up each hidden niche. There truly isn’t a place its light won’t reach. Where do all these light bulbs come from? And what is the designer’s vision?

“We have round lights, and we have straight lights. We have them with lights on one side, and we have them with lights on two sides. You can hang them high, low, horizontally, vertically or even hang them in an angle. Put them on the floor, hang them on your wall or down from the ceiling. We find it very hard to imagine an interior where this prop is not in place.”

– Bertjan Pot

The story of a Moooi Original
The Prop Light is a special kind of attribute. It thanks its name after the Dutch word for attribute. In Dutch, a ‘prop’ is an object, used in films and theatre plays. Secondary, the verb ‘proppen’ means to stuff something. That’s exactly what the idea behind the Prop Light is: it is meant to be a lamp that would fit in every kind of interior. In fact, it would even be able to replace tubular lighting.

Whether you prop it up against a wall, hang it from a ceiling or place it on a floor, its bubbly form and pure spirit brighten up any kind of environment with a fresh, timeless elegance. Enjoy ethereal spheres of light in your home, at the office or in a public space.

About the designer
Award winning Dutch designer Bertjan Pot sometimes initiates a project himself because he likes an idea so well that he just has to create it. At other times he is commissioned to do a project because other people like his work and think he is the one to do the job. Bertjan’s main fascinations lie in materials and production processes. Everything is made out of material and Bertjan sees materialising as an inevitable but often forgotten part of the design process. Almost all his designs come from experiments in materials and shapes: also the Prop Light.

Creating the Prop Light
How do you fit a high number of light bulbs a very small surface? This question turned out to be a huge design challenge, but after a long technical search in collaboration with Moooi, Bertjan Pot found the answers. The single row version of the Prop Light LED Suspension Lamp features 18 evenly spaced LED bulbs, while the double row version features a total of 36 LED units. But how do you make these masterpieces sustainable? Through the design of a special diffuser, we succeeded in creating LED lighting with the appearance of a traditional light bulb. The bulbs on the Prop Light therefore refer to incandescent bulbs, making The Prop Light an ideal addition to more contemporary spaces and turning it into a stunning lighting centrepiece.

Prop Light creates happy places. Find out how it inspires for cheerful, sophisticated and unexpected arrangements.