Amsterdam Brandstore interior setting with Sofa So Good and Hubble Bubble Oil

Wander away with Hubble Bubble

Product Story

Hubble Bubble, designed by Marcel Wanders studio for Moooi, takes you back to the freedom of blowing bubbles and running barefoot in the open air. Bubbles are blessings in the gentle spring breeze, free to settle wherever they will.

Inspired by bubbles of soap, Hubble Bubble is Marcel Wanders studio newest, playful design for Moooi. Each bubble is made from blown glass spheres. This suspended lamp is available as Hubble Bubble 7 and Hubble Bubble 11, and its glass spheres come in oil-iridescent or frosted versions.

Hubble Bubble, designed by Marcel Wanders 2020

Bubbles everywhere

When Hubble Bubble is applied in multiples, its bubbles will lure in any spectator. As different suspension angles are possible, Hubble Bubble enables you to create your own composition. The simplicity of the glowing spheres, connected to the thin metal rim, create a feeling of lightness and unity. A fleeting moment turns into an everlasting memory, as these soap bubble dreams will never fade into thin air. What are you waiting for? Fill the air with bubbles.

With a focus on elementary shapes, the Hubble Bubble can be suspended both horizontally and vertically, and everything in between. Powered through ELECTROSANDWICH® by Marcel Wanders studio, the Hubble Bubble opens a world of endless possibilities and beauty. Freedom is in the air… and everyone will wonder from where the bubbles get their light.

Each bubble is made from blown glass spheres and comes in oil-iridescent or frosted versions.

About The Designer

Marcel Wanders studio is a leading product and interior design studio located in the creative capital of Amsterdam, with over 1,900 + iconic product and interior design experiences all around the globe for private clients and premium brands. Under Marcel Wanders and Gabriele Chiave’s creative leadership and direction, the studio has made it his mission to “create an environment of love, live with passion and make our most exciting dreams come true.”

This work excites, provokes, and polarises, but never fails to surprise for its ingenuity, daring and singular quest to uplift the human spirit, and entertain. In this universe, the coldness of industrialism is replaced instead by the poetry, fantasy and romance of different ages, vividly brought to life in the contemporary moment.

The Button

Every Hubble Bubble is accompanied by Moooi’s digital proof of authenticity: The Button. This personal safe-keeper accompanies every Moooi design. The incorporated NFC- technology in The Button makes counterfeiting impossible and acts as proof of authenticity. By introducing The Button in our designs, we make our support in original design tangible.

Portrait designers Marcel Wanders and Gabriele Chiave
Marcel Wanders and Gabriele Chiave 2020

Hubble Bubble truly opens up a world of endless possibilities and beauty… enjoy the freedom of a lamp that fits into any interior.

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