Set Up Shade floor lamp 7 front side

Set Up Shades

The conical lampshade is an archetypal form - it is what most people imagine a lamp should look like. With Set Up Shades, Marcel Wanders explores the boundaries within type-forms.

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Set Up Shades 7 floor light front view

Set Up Shades



Set Up Shades is available in 3 models.
Set Up Shades floor light all three sizes
Poetic composition Set Up Shades floor light and Bart Armchair


Set Up Shades seems to consist of separately stacked lampshades. In reality it is a solid construction that radiates beautiful soft light.

The WONDERS family

A wonderful collection of timeless icons that truly live up to their names.

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“The true quality and meaning of design is measured in the heart and head of our audience…”
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