Once upon a time… unknown, beautiful, and fascinating animals roamed the world. Sadly, these animals are now extinct, but luckily the diaries from old travellers were kept. Hidden away in ancient museum archives. We sailed away on a bold adventure around the globe, digging up the dustiest of these museum archives. After what seemed like ages, we found these invaluable treasures: the stories of those lost animals, so that they, once again, can come alive! So, get cosy, and dive into Moooi’s Marvellous Tales of the Museum of Extinct Animals—(bed)time stories for young and old!

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Moooi's bedtime stories

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Curiosity and a strong sense of adventure have tempted explorers to embark on perilous journeys since the dawn of human civilisation. New worlds awaited those who persevered and survived the dangers encountered along the way.

An explorer’s life was tinged with fear, excitement, and physical discomfort. We can only imagine the adrenaline rush through a sailor when he spotted land after months or even years of tainted travel. Or the wonder of an explorer gazing into the eyes of an unknown animal. We can only try to imagine it.

Some travellers set out with a purpose: seeking a golden treasure or the fountain of youth. They chased their dreams with youthful dedication, possessed by a great desire for adventure. What they discovered were much greater treasures for humanity: fish that could fly, amazing-looking birds that sang like angels and glowing underwater creatures!

If safely returned to what they called civilisation, they reported of remarkable new worlds. They told tales of the rich beauty of exotic animals. Birds with plumage the colour of the rainbow. Cute smiling creatures with a green sheen hanging high in trees, seemingly always asleep. Wobbling birds that never flew, and much more. These breath-taking animals populated new myths and stories. Most of these animals were never seen again, but their variety and diversity exceeded imagination and puzzled even the most sceptical.

These magical lands and creatures became an endless source of inspiration for talented artists. They were driven to recreate these animals, to show the world their unique beauty. With great imaginative effort, they put pen to paper and tried to reproduce such magical beauty.