The Blushing Sloth was a shy, sweet little creature, who liked to sleep in trees during the day and only came out at night.

It is difficult to imagine how Blushing Sloths were discovered the first time. It takes a very patient, eagle-eyed person to spot these shy and camouflaged creatures hanging from the highest branches of a tree.

Asleep most of the time, they hardly caused a leaf to stir. To think that they only came down once a week for a toilet break, moving so slow that it was impossible to even see them move. They lived their lives so still and quiet that algae found a way of growing on the outer layers of their fur, giving them a breath-taking green glow.

What we do know from old tales is that one explorer wanted to bring this smiling sweetheart home to his children. It was so friendly and cuddly, the cutest thing he had ever seen! Yet its hidden claws made it impossible to hug, even if he wanted to… It is doubtful whether the Blushing Sloth would have entertained the explorer’s family. Known to sleep up to twenty hours a day, they are not the liveliest companions.

Blushing Sloth Wallcovering, BFF Sofa by Marcel Wanders, and Filigree Floor Lamp
Poetic composition BFF Sofa and Filigree Floor Lamp