Have you ever been to one of the earth’s darkest places? Areas where you can see a never-ending ocean of impossibly bright stars? They say those are the best places for stargazing unless, of course; you have a Raimond hanging in your home.

Since 2009, Moooi fans all over the world brought the magic of the night sky into their home when we introduced the first Raimond light. Now, twelve years later, we modernised this timeless Moooi Original to make your indoor starry night sky shine even brighter.

Introducing: Raimond II

The Raimond is a Moooi Original loved by many worldwide since its introduction in 2009. To honour our Moooi Original designs in our collection, we further improve them. That’s why we’ve modernised our Raimond family, to move with the times. We’re proud to present the Raimond II.

Raimond II 2021

The story of a Moooi Original

The Raimond lights, by Raimond Puts, result from mathematical perfection and years of patience and dedication. Designing and building the Raimond took almost 40 years, a lot of mathematical research, and prototypes made with self-built machines.

The Raimond lights came out exactly as he envisioned them; perfect spheres of mathematical ingredients punctuated by tiny LED lights. Look at a Raimond, and it’s like looking at the stars.

The modernised Raimond II stills sparks that feeling of awe when looking to the night sky. The new LEDs use the same amount of watts but are more than twice as bright, making it feel as if you’re standing in one of earth’s darkest places.

A world of dimming possibilities

Another modernised feature in the Raimond II is its dimming possibilities. Raimond II dims to dark and can be used with DALI and Push dimming. You can use the well-known dimming accessories Casambi, 0-10V and Zigbee 3.0 to integrate with Philips Hue, Apple HomeKit, Google Home or Amazon Alexa. So, options aplenty, but if you want an easy way to dim your Raimond II, use our Wireless Wall Switch. The easiest and quickest way to have a full dimming range, dim-to-dark, in your home.

Full control of your Moooi lighting with our Wireless Wall Switch

Every moment of the day or even your mood requires specific lighting. With our Wireless Wall Switch, you’ll have full control over your Moooi lighting design with one touch. The full dimming range provides bright light perfect for when you’re working or cooking. When night falls, you’ll want to dim your lights to match the quiet mood of the evening. With one touch, you can dim your Moooi lighting design to a soft glow to match the moment.

Our Wireless Wall Switch simply always works. There’s no need to change your home’s wiring. Our Wireless Wall Switch comprises two components, a wall switch and a radio device to put in the canopy of your Moooi lighting design. The wall switch can be integrated into your existing wall switches. The wall switch communicates via Bluetooth, which is already activated, with the radio device in the light’s canopy. Within moments you can enjoy the full dimming range; smooth, all the way to dark and without flickering.

The wall switch component needs no electricity (excluding the American version of our Wireless Wall Switch). It works with an energy harvesting technique, which means when you use it; it charges itself. The Wireless Wall Switch is currently compatible with the Gravity Chandelier and Raimond II R43, R61, R89, Zafu, and Dome.

haiku image with Riamond II Tensegrity

The brighter-than-ever Raimond results from mathematical perfection and years of patience and dedication.

About Raimond Puts

If there is some sort of thread that travelled through the life of Raimond Puts (1937 – 2012) then it must be that of technical engineering. During his technical education, he was trained in the craft of metalwork and a new world opened up for him. He was not only interested in the exterior results. His objects stand as models for a world in which everything is connected to everything else. Everything fits perfectly. This conceptual simplicity inspired him to continue searching for newer constructions. In them, he found peace & continuous surprises.

Raimond will always be remembered by Moooi as ‘The man who brought the starry night sky into our homes’.

The Button

Every Raimond is accompanied by Moooi’s digital proof of authenticity: The Button. This personal safe-keeper accompanies every Moooi design. The incorporated NFC- technology in The Button makes counterfeiting impossible and acts as proof of authenticity. By introducing The Button in our designs, we make our support in original design tangible.

Raimond Puts Portrait
Raimond Puts