Heracleum II small white on grey background detail

The eternal growth of the Heracleum

Moooi Originals

Experiments with LEDs and some help from Marcel Wanders studio resulted in the Heracleum family. Designer Bertjan Pot’s first examinations for his iconic design were a bundle of electrical wires and the wish to light many LEDs at once. The results are perpetual slender branches lighting up leaf-shaped lenses reminiscent of its namesake flower.

The Heracleum is a Moooi Original design with a strong presence in our collection since the first introduction in 2010. We honour our Moooi Original designs by further improving them. Therefore, the Heracleum family is now also available in White! A timeless design in a timeless colour, perfectly monochrome. The perpetual blossoms of the Heracleum family are ever growing.

Heracleum in White

By Bertjan Pot
Heracleum II small white on white background

Powered through ELECTROSANDWICH® by Marcel Wanders studio

Now available
Heracleum by Bertjan Pot now available in White 2021

The story of a Moooi Original

Like almost all of Bertjan Pot’s designs, the Heracleum started out as an experiment. The Dutch designer loves exploring all possibilities of a material. For his Heracleum, he experimented with LED lights. He tried lighting many LED lights simultaneously and experimented with bundles of electrical wires shaped into a branch structure. During development, he realised it would need too much soldering.

Not willing to give up on his idea, Pot contacted Moooi’s founder and creative director Marcel Wanders. He came up with the luminous idea to apply ELECTROSANDWICH® by Marcel Wanders studio: a technique of two layers of isolation and conductivity coated onto the structure. The conductive layer on top supplied the LEDs with power. This technique allowed the design to be even more slender than he initially hoped. His design and ELECTROSANDWICH® proved perfect for each other.

Nature meets technology in the Heracleum family by Bertjan Pot. Next to White also available in Copper and Nickel.

An ever-growing family

The Heracleum II was introduced in 2010. Its overwhelming welcome prompted other variants soon after: Heracleum The Big and Small Big O and Heracleum Endless. All designs are available in the colours Nickel and Copper and now also in White.

With delicate lines in timeless white there’s no space or interior where Heracleum can’t blossom.

Moooi Originals

What are Moooi Originals? All designs in our collection are original Moooi designs, but some grew out to be Moooi fan-favourites. Extraordinary designs, well-loved by many worldwide!

The Button

Every Heracleum is accompanied by Moooi’s digital proof of authenticity: The Button. This personal safe-keeper accompanies every Moooi design. The incorporated NFC- technology in The Button makes counterfeiting impossible and acts as proof of authenticity. By introducing The Button in our designs, we make our support in original design tangible.

The Heracleum family is a worldwide favourite and has a strong presence in our collection since 2010

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