our philosophy

We’re led by what our designers want to make, our goal is to realise their dreams

When we started Moooi in 2001, we promised each other to become a legendary brand. No one can create a legendary brand by doing me-too products or branding, for that reason we have developed our own fresh approach to product and style. Exclusive, daring, playful, exquisite and based on the belief that design is a question of love.

We don’t tell designers what to do, we listen to what designers want to make, try to realise their dreams. Eclectic and always on the edge of commercial reality and cultural interest. To trigger, to create conversation pieces which make your environment more special. To create an extra ‘O’ in terms of value and beauty!

our products

Our collection is always daring, playful, exquisite and based on the belief that design is an expression of curiosity

Meet the Designers

In addition to Marcel Wanders’ designs, the Moooi portfolio contains a range of work from other nationally and internationally recognized designers. These include, amongst others, Arihiro Miyake, Bertjan Pot, Maarten Baas, Umut Yamac, Edward van Vliet, Joost van Bleiswijk, Studio Job and Nika Zupanc.

Meet the Team

Imagination at the center of everything we do. We weave the pragmatic with the poetic. To break with the mundane and pursue the extraordinary. If you think you'd be a good addition to our team, get in touch.