Moooi Generations isn’t just a concept, it’s a philosophy that interweaves the threads of design, environmental stewardship, and legacy into a tapestry of innovation. Our designs are timeless, transcending the here and now to become heirlooms of the future. With each design, we consider its journey – from inception to the potential for refurbishment – ensuring that every piece holds a place in the hearts of generations to come. This is our pledge for the future, a world where design and sustainability are inseparable allies.

Our path forward is clear as we align with the Ecodesign for Sustainable Products Registration (ESPR). This framework underpins our dedication to creating products that excel in durability, reusability, and repairability, while embracing materials that fuel a circular economy.

Moooi Generations, is built on five fundamental pillars that define our approach to a future where design coexists harmoniously with our environment.

EU Manufacturing - Think Globally, Act locally

We're proud that 98% of our production happens right here in the EU. But why stop at numbers? Our dedication to local manufacturing means tapping into regional expertise, quality control and minimizing our environmental footprint. It's about cherishing the local craftsmanship that breathes life into our designs.

Digital Product Passport: Discover through The Button

Each Moooi creation is endowed with a Digital Product Passport (DPP), accessible through a smart tag (NFC) named The Button. It's your assurance that every product is designed to tread lightly on the planet, transparency from creation to eventual disposal. 

Design for Repairability: Cherishing for Generations to Come

We don't just design for today — we create with the future in mind. Our commitment to repairability ensures that every Moooi piece can evolve with time. Continual improvement is in our DNA, ensuring that we care for and update our existing products as part of our sustainable journey.

Proud to be Moooi: A Socially Conscious Company

Moooi is more than a brand; it's a community with a conscience. We wear our heart on our sleeve, celebrating our social responsibilities and our commitment to being more than just a name — we are a positive force in the design world.

Extraordinary Service: The Unexpected Welcome

Service at Moooi transcends expectations. We're not just about meeting needs; we're about creating experiences that surprise and delight. It's the unexpected welcome — a service that stays with you.