Plants are rich in scents that seduce and surprise. Over the past centuries, many plants and flowers went extinct. Luckily, our old adventurers collected the most extraordinary plants and flowers during their travels.

Our adventurers travelled long and far. From the snowy Japanese mountains to the otherworldly dunes of Death Valley, they took great pains reserving the old world’s flora. In dusty and long-forgotten archives, Moooi discovered the extinct plants again. A source of endless inspiration for multiple collections.

During the travels of early adventurers, the plants and flowers they collected were collateral. But when modern perfume was invented, travellers and explorers couldn’t collect plants and flowers soon enough. After drawing them in all their glory, they preserved them in glass vials or pressed them between the pages of their notebooks to take home with them. Some plants were so big they had to be transported on carts and boats.

The flora found its way into the laboratories of the early day perfumers. To be extracted and preserved. During those days the perfuming craze was at its height, and anything that smelled remotely interesting was extracted, bottled and hastily put away in archives. Many plants and scents were forgotten as time passed, never found again. Lost forever. Or were they?

Moooi went digging through scent archives all over the world. In museums, libraries, and universities. By miracle, we found the scents and drawings of those extinct plants again. Aromas from dreamy looking flowers that, according to elaborate written notes, would pop open with a loud and tangy sizzle. Drawings of fresh-looking jungle ferns as tall as a house, surrounding exotic and colourful flowers. Moooi discovered a wealth of extinct plants.

Indigo Hotto flower on black background

Indigo Hotto

Indigo Hotto Room Fragrance is a mysterious blend of oriental florals, spices, and woods for a sensual and intoxicating scent.

Bring the forgotten scents into your home

Even though most extinct plants will never return, their preserved scents will forever tickle our imagination. The Extinct Plants inspired Moooi to create a collection of home fragrances to transform your home into a sanctuary. The Moooi Home Fragrances comprise, scented candles, room sprays and reed diffusers and are made from natural ingredients.

Travel to the Far East with Indigo Hotto

Indigo Hotto transports you to quiet smoky rooms divided with translucent shoji screens. The elegant scents of pink Cherry Blossoms and Ylang Ylang drifts through the heady vetiver and sandalwood lingering in your nose. Surrender to a boozy state of mind infused with clove spiced rum and vanilla musk.

Flower Flabellum Fern drawing

Flabellum Fern

Flabellum Fern Room Fragrance is a cheerful and colourful tropical blend that turns your home into a green oasis, celebrating life.

Create your happy place with Flabellum Fern

Flabellum Fern’s cheerful and colourful tropical blend turns your home into a green oasis, celebrating life. Imagine being enveloped by ancient giant ferns shading you from the brutal elements outside. In this green sanctuary, the scent of fresh leaves and cedar wood are complemented with banana, blue tansy and cacao.

Give in to wanderlust with Calli Papayan

Calli Papayan is for the adventurers among us. The reed diffuser and scented candle fills your home with a creamy popcorn aroma infused with Tonka bean and sage. The same creaminess in the room spray eventually gives way to a fresh and tangy citrus scent made from lemon peel and pink pepper.

Calli Papayan flowers on black background

Calli Papayan

Calli Papayan Room Fragrance takes you on an exciting trip to endless pink and purple-tinted deserts while being in the comfort of your home.

Discover the Herbarium of Extinct Plants Carpet & Pillows

The Herbarium of Extinct Plants Carpet & Pillows are inspired by the ancient flora and fauna of the old days. The recovered botanical drawings inspired new motifs and patterns that bring the extinct plants back to life. Discover a collection adorned with these illustrated plants and flowers in all their colourful glory.