Embrace the changing seasons and celebrate Spring with our Lighting and Furniture Sale! Enjoy discount on your favourite selected Moooi designs.

Enjoy 15% discount on our Lighting and Furniture Selection using the code “SPRINGSALE_24” at the checkout from 27 February until 19 March 2024.

  • Long Light suspension front view
    Long Lightby Marcel Wanders
  • Carbon Bar Stool Low front side
    Carbon Bar Stoolby Bertjan Pot
  • Carbon Chair front view
    Carbon Chairby Bertjan Pot
  • Chess Table front view
    Chess Tableby Front
  • Cloud Sofa Velour green front side
    Cloud Sofaby Marcel Wanders
  • Rabbit Lamp front side on
    Rabbit Lampby Front
  • Nest Armchairby Marcel Wanders
  • Nest Sofaby Marcel Wanders
  • O. rocking chair front view
    O.by Marcel Wanders
  • Oval Light suspension white front view
    Oval Lightby Marcel Wanders
  • Perch Light Wall without cord front side
    Perch Light Wallby Umut Yamac
  • Pet Light Grwoww front view
    Pet Lightby Marcel Wanders
  • Plant Chandelier front side
    Plant Chandelierby Kranen/Gille
  • Prop Light Double suspension on
    Prop Light Suspendedby Bertjan Pot
  • Prop Light Floor on front side
    Prop Light Floorby Bertjan Pot
  • Round Light suspension front side
    Round Lightby Marcel Wanders
  • Square Light suspension front view
    Square Lightby Marcel Wanders
  • NR2 Floor Lamp black on front view
    NR2 Floor Lampby Bertjan Pot
  • Space Frame Floor light Nickel back view
    Space-Frame Floorby Marcel Wanders
  • Space-Frame Suspendedby Marcel Wanders
  • Sofa So Good Table front view
    Sofa So Good Tableby Marcel Wanders
  • Sofa So Good Demi Double Shelf front view
    Sofa So Good Shelfby Marcel Wanders
  • Hortensia Armchair pink petals front view
    Hortensia Armchairby Andrés Reisinger & Júlia Esqué
  • Raimond II Zafu suspension light front view
    Raimond II Zafuby Raimond Puts
  • Raimond II Tensegrity floor lamp R61 front view
    Raimond II Tensegrityby Raimond Puts
  • Raimond II Dome suspension light front view
    Raimond II Domeby Raimond Puts
  • Raimond II R163 suspension light front view
    Raimond II R127-R163-R199by Raimond Puts